How to Find a Bigger Audience for Your Facebook Page

With Facebook’s nearly 2 Billion users, it’s now more important than ever to leverage the world’s most popular social network to generate buzz and — more importantly — leads for your company. Here’s how to reach more people with your Facebook marketing.

There’s no debating these days whether or not Facebook is a viable marketing platform. With almost 2 Billion users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. The problem is getting all those users to pay attention to your brand while you battle for their attention among vacation photos and status updates from friends.

The good news is that there is a formula for reaching a bigger audience on Facebook, and it starts with getting to know your current fans. The easiest way to reach more potential Facebook fans is to engage those users so that your updates and interactions are seen by their friends, who are then more likely to engage with you because of their friend’s endorsement. But how do you create this initial engagement?

  • Use Facebook Favorites List to segment your current fans into groups (i.e., press, repeat customers, brand evangelists, etc.). This simple fix can streamline your Facebook outreach and clean up your fan streams so that you can see what people are talking about and respond accordingly.
  • Get personal. “Shout marketing” is dead and that sentiment is mirrored on Facebook. Fans may respond to regular updates with links to new products or blog posts, but answering questions they have about products and services, and soliciting feedback about your organization can really have a strong effect on engagement metrics. In fact, status updates that ask a question or have readers fill in the blank get a 15% and four times more engagement respectively. Even better is using your Facebook fan page in profile mode, which allows brands to comment on their fans’ updates, which in turn gives your page a higher visibility.
  • Create “Super Fans”. These are fans who like your brand or your brand’s content so much that they regularly “like”, comment on, and share your updates. These types of readers are invaluable in growing your audience on Facebook because they act as brand ambassadors, spreading your company name and message to all of their friends and followers. To create these users, it’s important to interact with them on a regular basis. Asking questions, listening to your fans, and soliciting feedback will get you started on the right track.