Refer a Friend

Do you know someone who could benefit from the IT services that Pinpoint IT provide?

Let us know and we can reduce your monthly bill by 5% for each successful referral.

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Qualified Referrals

Referrers will be required to enter their details and the details of the Referred Customer into a form found at or other forms that may be specified by Pinpoint IT for certain partners.

If there is an existing deal in progress or the Referred Customer is already a client of Pinpoint IT Australia no referral benefit will be paid.

Referrals must be a warm referral ie. the person who is Referred Customer must know that the Referrer is referring them.

Referrers should check these details prior to submitting details of a Referred Customer.

Please read all Pinpoint IT Referral Program Terms and Conditions, to find out if you are eligible.